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Finger and hand injuries and fingerboard training characteristics of South African-based climbers

Julia Šmigelskis is a Masters student at the University of Cape Town, studying Exercise and Sport Physiotherapy. She is conducting a web-based survey study to gain insight into South African-based climbers’ hand and finger injuries and fingerboard training.

Climbing is a fast growing sport in South Africa, as more people climb, we also see a rise in climbing-related injuries. Injury prevention requires a few steps in research before we know that it works. We need to know who gets injured and why they get injured. We also need to introduce possible interventions that could help prevent these injuries in future.

Julia chose to study finger and hand injuries in South African climbers and at the same time look into climbers' fingerboard training habits. This will build a solid foundation, so future researchers can find out if fingerboard training can be used as an injury prevention tool.

If you want to take part in this study, you can click on the link below, any climber over the age of 18 qualifies. You will be asked to complete an anonymous questionnaire about your climbing history, injury history in the last year and training routine. It should take you 20 minutes of your time. All data will be kept anonymous and confidential, there is no risk in partaking in this study and you can change your mind at any time before you submit your answers.

Please contact Julia Šmigelskis if you have any questions!

082 858 4060 or

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