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What do young climbers know about finger injuries?


Meyers, R. N., Hobbs, S. L., Howell, D. R., & Provance, A. J. (2020). Are adolescent climbers aware of the most common youth climbing injury and safe training practices? International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(3), 1–10.

This article did a survey at the 2017 Climbing Sport and Speed National Youth Championship and found out that American climbers under 18 believe pulley injuries to be the most common finger injuries in their age group. That isn't the case, we know that in fact growth-plate injuries are the most common finger injuries in this population.

Only 5% knew that double dyno campus boarding isn't a good idea for climbers under 18, as it increases the risk of sustaining a growth plate injury.

I wonder how well informed our South African youth climbers are?

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